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The all-in-one system for


Increase Staff Productivity

Everything is digital and at your fingertips. Now your office can be paperless.

Improve Patient Experience

Unique features to improve workflows to keep patients coming back.

Maximize Your Sales

Comprehensive features tailored towards maximizing sales.


  • Digital Patient Account

    Digital odontogram (Coming Soon)

    View and add files such as x-rays, forms, charts, medical history, progress notes, etc.

    View past and upcoming appointments

    View payments and invoices

    Patients are automatically issued a unique account number

    Filter between patients and non-patients

    No limit to the number of patients that can be added

  • Digital Staff Account

    Add and edit contact information

    Add files such as contracts, policies, write-ups, etc.

    No limit to the number of staff accounts that can be created

    Permissions can be created to restrict staff members from accessing certain information

  • Business Performance

    Run a more intelligent office

    Run reports to calculate revenue by date, procedure, doctor, location, etc.

    Always be in the know of how your business is doing financially

    Generate statements, pay stubs, and auto calculate payment for percentage-based workers (Coming Soon)

    Store copies of receipts, statements, and other financial documents

    Bill patients via invoicing

  • Inventory Tracking (Coming Soon)

    Never run out of supplies again and enjoy huge savings

    The system automatically keeps track of your supplies

    If your supplies are running low, the auto-restock feature will instantly notify you and can also deliver the needed supplies directly to your office

    Instruments, equipment, etc. can be purchased directly from within the system

    Our huge purchasing power allows us to negotiate the best rates, which are then passed on to you

  • Interactive Calendar

    Effortlessly create new appointments

    View and organize your appointments by doctor, operatory, procedure, etc.

    Colors are used to indicate check-ins, no-shows, checkouts, cancellations, etc.

    Add notes and other information to appointments

    Allow patients to request an appointment from your social media or website

    Built-in price list

    No limit to the number of appointments that can be created

  • Checkout System

    A virtual cash register and POS system

    A patient’s total bill including the outstanding balance, discounts, taxes, and other fees are automatically calculated upon checking out

    Intuitive interface to simplify the checkout process

    Add attachments such as cash receipts and other files

    Indicate the type of payment method used (Cash, Card, Insurance, etc.)

    A record of each payment is saved and logged in the system

  • Virtual Dental Lab (Coming Soon)

    A full service dental lab at your fingertips

    Lab provides crowns, bridges, dentures, nightguards, etc.

    By the click of a button, you can request, track, and pay for the services that you require

    Deliveries are made directly to your office

  • Mobile Apps (Coming Soon)

    Run your entire office from the palm of your hand

    Manage appointments, patients, staff, vendors, financials, marketing, supplies, etc.

    Staff members such as doctors can access their appointments from a phone or tablet

    Receive important notifications

  • Virtual Pharmacy (Coming Soon)

    A full-service pharmacy at your fingertips

...And a lot more!